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Types of Massage Offered


Swedish Massage - Basic massage meant mostly for relaxation and stress relief.  Light to medium pressure used to help relax tight muscles and give overall feeling of calm.


Deep Tissue MassageDeeper pressure is used within Swedish massage to provide extra release for tight muscles and problem areas such as knots, trigger points and muscular congestion.  Effective for pain relief.


ShiatsuAncient Asian techniques involving finger pressure and energy points.  Helps to heal as well as promote and move energy within the body.


Hot Stone -  Swedish massage including use of hot basalt rocks for deeper heat radiated into muscles.  Helps to release muscles that are tighter and promotes relaxation.


Reflexology - Foot and hand massage involving deep pressure applied to feet to promote response within other areas of the body.  Excellent for releasing muscles in the back, neck and shoulders.  Can be combined with Aromatherapy.


Aromatherapy - All natural therapeutic essential oils are used to promote well being and general health improvement.  Many oils are available that produce a myriad of results.  Please ask for a consultation.


Accupressure - Extended direct pressure applied to a specific muscle with the fingertips and directed toward the attachment of the muscle.  Excellent for relieving knots and tight areas in muscles.  Combines with Deep Tissue for Therapeutic Massage.


Sports Massage - Deep Tissue Massage with focus on muscle attachments, tendons and fascia generally used in more athletic functions.  Helps with blood flow, recovery and healing from tears/microtears that may occur in sporting activity.

Cupping Therapy - This therapy was developed many centuries ago and has now resurfaced recently thanks to Olympic athletes.  By using suction on layers of cutaneous skin and fascia, this process helps to break up adhesions and help muscles recover faster.  Gotcha Back uses silicon cups to prevent injury and blood exposure.


Medical Massage - Various deep tissue, connective tissue and myofascial release techniques are applied to help correct numerous medical conditions.








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